Things To Do

Things To Do

Mud Volcano

Visit Lipad Mud Volcano, one of the several mud volcanoes found in Tabin Wildlife Reserve and the one located nearest to Tabin Resort. The minieral-rich mud volcano act as “salt-licks” are frequented by animals & birds. Try to identify the multitude of animal treks found here. Smear some mud on your face as this is believed to do good to your complexion.


Trekking through one of the many nature trials in Tabin can be a fulfilling experience. Look out for animal foot prints, interesting birds, butterflies & extraordinary plants. Learn the calls of birds and animals from our guides or try out the medicinal effects of some of the jungle plants.

Night Safari

Experience night life in the tropical rainforest traveling n top of an open-top vehicle. Look out and smell for the presence of nocturnal animals & birds, many of whom you will not notice until being pointed out by our eagle-eyed guides.

Night Walk

Armed with torch lights, walk with our nature guide in the pitch darkness of the jungle trail deep in the Borneo rainforest, the feeling is both exciting and sensational. Our guide will unearth the mystery of the forest and point our interesting facts of the forest night life for you.

Dawn Drive

A drive at dawn along the Reserve’s road to spot wildlife and birds that may be out to search for food. Experience the beauty of Tabin engulfed in the refreshing morning mist.

Lipad Waterfall

After a sweaty trek through one of the humid nature trials, arrival at the serene and shady area of the Lipad falls, sometimes called the ‘Twin-falls’ as an additional waterfall is created sometimes after a heavy downpour. Dip yourself in the inviting river drained by the cascading falls & be truly embraced by nature.

Tabin Rainforest Herbal Foot Soak

The rich rainforest eco-system in Tabin makes it a botanical treasure land. The herbal foot soak is consisted of hot water infused with the wonderful blend of natural herbs will work to sooth and stimulate the feet, circulate blood and restore physical and mental harmony. Lay back amidst lush vegetation and bird songs, have your feet submerged in a hot basin of herbal goodness, accompanied by the tickling sensation of herbs on your feet, will surely work to caress your soul.