Experience The Wonders

16 Ways To Experience The Wonders Of Tabin Wildlife Reserve

  1. Enjoy the enchanting concert of the animals and insects greeting each new day. You may pick up the gibbon’s call or the clear melodies of unknown tropical birds especially in the cool, misty mornings.
  2. Follow the clever choreography of fireflies against the silhouette of the forest, adding a touch of mystery to the dark tropical night.
  3. Lay down with the sky above you and take in a breath of crisp fresh air. Be amazed by the size of the brilliant equatorial night sky. Amongst the countless glittering stars, choose one to make a wish upon. In Tabin the possibilities for your wish are good. After all, Tabin itself already is a dream comes true.
  4. Relish the feeling of total disconnection from the outside world. In Tabin, life has its own ways and pace.
  5. Cherish the harmony of the endangered rainforest ecosystem – the lungs of our planet. In Tabin’s forest you see life as it truly should be – wild, variable, colourful, pure, and full of wonders!
  6. Feel the cool, soothing river wash away the tiredness of your body after a day of trekking, while laying in mother nature’s own Spa. Close your eyes and think how life can be wonderfully enjoyable in its most primitive and natural form.
  7. Walk in the friendly protection of the canopy rising to amazing heights above you. The same canopy that provides home for countless animal species now shelters you from the equatorial sun under its green shadows.
  8. Just before falling into a peaceful sleep, watch the night sky above you and listen to the forest humming and singing its lullaby to you.
  9. Do a good deed. Stop and make way for the little Pil milipede inching its way across your path.
  10. Let the sound of the flowing water calm your mind while sitting by the riverside rock with the dense foliage closing you into its green depths.
  11. Listen to the humming wings of the majestic Hornbills flying above you to land on a bare branch for their night roost. Observe their loving behaviour and be amazed by their tender loving care for each other.
  12. Trace and identify the fresh tracks of the nightly animal visitors in search of vital minerals at the mud-volcano.
  13. Try the natural mud-masque facial treatment from the mud volcano. The mud is rich in minerals and is said to have a soothing effect for your complexion, and of course it is fun too.
  14. Appreciate the important role of Tabin as a wildlife reserve. Surrounded by oil-palm plantations, Tabin is like a huge paradise island providing protection and shelter for rare and endangered wildlife while the plantations serve as a convenient provider of food for them.
  15. Taste the delicacies of the traditional local cuisine and steal one or two recipes from the chef when he is in a good mood.
    Feel the presence of some of the world’s most endangered species like Sumatran Rhinoceros as Tabin is one of their last sanctuaries. Sumatran Rhinos are extremely rare and shy, it is unlikely for you to meet any, but you may get to know their home and habitat, and learn more about this magnificent creature.
  16. Escape from the stress of everyday life. Let your soul be healed. Read a good book with the afternoon sun shining outside, and unknown humming of distance birds. The world becomes unbelievably beautiful.