Create your own independent adventure, on a fly-drive or simply pre-book a selection of local excursions. Our tailor-made Borneo holiday specialists have travelled extensively in Borneo, researching the best hotels, sites and activities. Book a tailor-made Borneo holiday to this amazingly exotic destination and we’ll show you the best bits of this unspoilt haven that is literally bursting with eco-treasures.

Indulge your senses in crystal-blue waters against lush-green wilderness, all from the pristine comfort of our resort. Embracing the island's natural beauty, we offer a variety of activities, above sea and below the water surface. So no matter what your pleasure is, be it a tranquil romantic escape or a fun family adventure, you can find it here.
With an area covering 754 square kilometers, Kinabalu Park will give you a diverse view of all its exotic plants, birds and insects; all seen from a walk along the canopy walkway high up on the treetops!
Klias is located 110km south of Kota Kinabalu and takes about 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu City. Among the wildlife that can be spotted during the cruise are proboscis monkeys, long tail macaques, with some luck silver langurs, crocodiles, monitor lizards, tree snakes and of course an amazing variety of birds.
It Takes about 15 minutes boat ride to Manukan Island. Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water along the white sandy beach or snorkeling to explore the tropical marine life. Other water sport activities are also available.
A journey into the village will take you back to the olden days, both through the display of ingenious architecture of the traditional houses and through a range of simulated lives of that epochal era. Get yourself acquainted with each village tribe as you enter their homes and experience their rich culture. Your visit will definitely prove to be an eye-opening and unforgettable adventure for you.
Mt Kinabalu (4095m) is one of the tallest mountains in South-East Asia and is situated in the Kinabalu National Park in the province of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo. Thousands of tourists visit Kinabalu National Park each year and most come with the intention of climbing Mt Kinabalu. Fortunately, Mt Kinabalu is one of the easiest peaks in the world to conquer. It takes just two days and climbers don't need any previous experience at mountain climbing. At sunrise, the views from the Mt Kinabalu's summit at Low's Peak are spectacular, making all the effort worthwhile.