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The Sumatran Rhino
The Sumatran rhino is the smallest of all rhino species. It’s a two horned rhino, covered with hair and is the closest living relative of the woolly rhinos from the ice age. These rhinos have lived for millions of years and once roamed across most of South-east Asia. From southern China to the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.
Posted on: 14 May 2019
Tabin is a Geopark
Tabin contains a variety of terrain ranging from brackish water swamps at sea-level in the north-east to the central mountain ranges of which Mount Hatton (571 m) is the highest.
Posted on: 10 August 2018
List of Tree in Tabin’s Otters Trail
Here are the list of tree that you can find in Tabin’s Otters Trail
Posted on: 15 September 2015
Insect Listing
Insect found in Tabin
Posted on: 14 October 2013
Birdlist for Tabin Wildlife (タビンでバードウオッチング!)
Tabin is a bird-watcher's paradise as the forest of Tabin attracts an amazingly rich diversity of birds, including rare and endemic species, due to the abundance of food plants here. The relatively low canopy with sufficient natural lights makes birding and photography a delightful experience. 当地は、植物多様性が維持されているため、ボルネオ島固有の鳥類の集まり、バードウッチャにとってパラダイスです。比較的低いキャノピー(林冠)は、十分な自然光が届き、バードウオッチングと写真撮影にとってすばらしい経験になるでしょう。
Posted on: 07 October 2013
Photo & Information Credits
Photo and information credits to individuals who have been contributing and supporting Tabin Wildlife Resort.
Posted on: 08 May 2013
Things To Do (見どころ)
Tour packages in Tabin are inclusive of accommodation, meals and guides nature activities. Many of our guests would opt to extend their stay during which they may wish to take up some activities. タビンのツアーパケージには、宿泊設備、食事、ネイチャーガイドが含まれております。滞在期間の延長を希望するお客様は、以下の活動に参加することができます。
Posted on: 15 April 2013
17 Ways To Experience The Wonders Of Tabin Wildlife Reserve (タビン野生動物保護区で驚きを体験する17の方法)
Relish the feeling of total disconnection from the outside world. In Tabin, life has its own ways and pace. 外の世界から遮断された世界を感じ楽しんでください。タビンでの生活は独自の流儀とテンポがあります。
Posted on: 15 April 2013
Welcome to Tabin Wildlife Resort (ようこそタビンワイルドライフリゾートへ)
We are Tabin Wildlife Resort, the exclusive rainforest resort located within Tabin Wildlife Reserve, the largest wildlife reserve in Malaysia with a total land area of 300,000 acres. タビンワイルドライフリゾートは、総面積30万エーカーでマレーシアで最大の野生動物保護区内に建つ高級熱帯雨林リゾートです。
Posted on: 18 July 2012