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Tabin's Philosophy

Working within a protected area which provides vital habitat to a wide range of floral and fauna, including numerous endangered species, Tabin Wildlife Resort is committed to promote the awareness and practice for wildlife and flora conservation. The resort believes that research, advocacy and management are the three critical elements contributing towards an effective conservation strategy. The resort supports conservation by providing advocacy through responsible practices and active support for research and management.

Conservation Responsibility

We place emphasis on natural history on the area, and work together with government agencies and NGOs responsible for conservation and protection of the reserve. We operate the Tabin Wildlife Rhino Conservation Program and other activities as our ways to contribute towards conservation responsibility.

Environmental Responsibility

We prepare our guests by highlighting environment protection issues and practices. We organize our guests in small groups to minimize environmental impart. Kitchen waste generated in our resort is disposed of in a responsible manner and we encourage our guests to re-cycle waste products by provide re-cycling dustbins.

Social Responsibility

Contact and interaction with the local community where applicable, is encouraged as a way of creating understanding and tolerance between different cultures. Guests are expected to observe local customs and traditions. We constantly train young local guides and staff to provide them with the necessary skills for career advancement.

Economic Responsibility

Tabin Wildlife Resort has a policy of buying local produce and supplies wherever possible and available, ensuring that local communities benefit. We encourage our guests to buy local products so that money comes back to the local population.